Rare Butchers of Distinction

Rare Butchers of Distinction

Full Description

Rare was formed back in 2000. David House and Justin Preston had worked for a number of the largest catering butchers in the country, but had a strong feeling of not providing what the best outlets were looking for. They felt that there was a section of the market that needed more attention, quality and service than the larger companies could offer.

They decided to set up Rare Butchers of Distinction, to cater for these discerning customers.

Ten years on and the ethos of Rare is still very much the same. We strive to supply the best meat and poultry available, cut to your exacting specification and charged at a competitive price.

We work with suppliers from all over Europe to ensure we can offer the best produce, and we purchase from the country that has the best of each product. We receive daily deliveries, which means all produce is as fresh as possible, and we always have most items in stock. Our buying policy involves only purchasing from EEC accredited suppliers, and then only from those with the best quality on offer.

Our quality commitment is shown in the amount of Beef we dry-age on site. At any one time we can be holding up to 800 loins and 600 ribs, hanging in specially designed chillers for up to 35 days according to specification. We stand alone in the quantities of quality bone-in Beef we hold, and this is reflected in each product.

Because we only deliver to central London, we can accept orders placed until midnight for delivery early the next morning, and we can offer a guaranteed second delivery service to be with you for lunch.

Our true belief is that if we buy great quality meat, have highly skilled staff working in our team, to supply quality led outlets, then we all profit and prosper! It is this belief that has enabled us to maintain quality standards and dedicate ourselves to the Chef’s who will love and appreciate what we do.


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