Challenge Dairy

Challenge Dairy

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Now it’s easier than ever to add great Italian flavor to any meal! Bring home all-new Tuscan Butter, from the Challenge butter section of your favorite store.

Put our new Tuscan Butter on your table, and let your family butter their dinner rolls and bread with the great flavors of Italy. And if your family loves “hot from the oven” garlic bread, nothing is easier than making delicious garlic bread with Tuscan Butter. So versatile and easy to use, just stir a couple of spoonfuls in with fresh-cooked pasta, sauté your favorite meat or add to your vegetables. No matter how you use Tuscan Butter, you’ll delight your friends and family with great Italian flavor, because we start with the freshest creamery butter, and add just the right amount of slow-roasted garlic, aromatic olive oil, and Italian herbs, rosemary, basil, oregano and thyme.

So add great Italian taste to your next meal, and treat your family and friends to our new Challenge Tuscan Butter.

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