Leiths coookery school

Leiths coookery school

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Leiths School of Food and Wine in London has an international reputation as a first class culinary institute for chefs. Students come from all over the world to enjoy dedicated teaching in a friendly atmosphere. The guiding principle is to impart enthusiasm for the food and wine trade and instil a lasting love of good food and wine. This is not restricted to career cooks – many enthusiastic amateurs join us in our varied programme of courses and our diverse range of special events.

The teachers run a disciplined, hard-working establishment which is exciting and fun to attend. Students are encouraged to discuss all aspects of the School with the staff.

The teaching staff are trained professional chefs, with experience in the real world of restaurants and commercial catering. In addition, renowned chefs, cookery writers and Masters of Wine regularly demonstrate or lecture at the School.

Leiths School has close links with some of the UK’s top restaurants, which provide the students with work experience, and many successful graduates go on to work for them. Leiths List is the School’s successful employment agency which also provides career advice for students, and Leiths Food Solutions is aimed at helping chefs, owners and operators to grow their businesses.

Holiday and part time courses provide scope for interested amateurs of all ages and specialist courses are taken by professional and enthusiastic home cooks alike. Tailored programmes or demonstrations are devised for companies or groups and private cookery lessons are also available.

Leiths many cookery books, published by Bloomsbury, are produced at the School, with recipes devised, tested and tasted by the teachers. The curriculum and course work are taken from Leiths Cookery Bible (written by Prue Leith and Caroline Waldegrave) and Leiths Techniques Bible. Recipes are constantly being developed at the School and are introduced into the curriculum throughout the year.

Leiths School of Food and Wine is an independent company owned by Sir Christopher Bland. The managing Director is Camilla Schneideman.

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