The Country Cheese

The Country Cheese

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Birthdays, anniversaries and just good old “here’s a pressie” gift,

Yes, say it with fab cheese. Ours is defiitely extremely fab too – we put a huge amount of effort into the looking after nurturing and maturing of it – anything up to 5yrs!

We get rave comments by our dear customers about how delighted their nearest and dearest, friends and relations were with their cheese presents at christmas. I got to thinking why don’t we make more of this perfect present. From about £25 including carriage you can give a truly worthwhile present, after all there are only so many chocs, ties, socks, books, dvd’s, clothes’ pictures etc etc anyone can really be excited about (I am a chap so please forgive the list being a bit blokey) BUT the answer to this is fab cheese!

Our famous Cheese Wedding cakes are truly something to get excited about, for more info on them click on left side bar.

One of the main reasons we started working with cheesemakers and selling their cheese was because we could not easily get hold of this wonderful product, despite living in the heart of Devon. We have worked for over 20 years at making cheese more accessible for anybody wanting more than just something to chew on, something in fact that will excite the palate and the mind, our sort of cheese is cheese with soul. Now we feel the time is right to spread our net even wider and send ‘real’ cheese to those of you who do not have much access to it. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and please be aware that there is always a team of happy, helpful ‘Cheese operatives’ in the shops to answer questions or take your order should you not wish to order over the internet.

So please take your time browsing around the site, there are so many different possibilities to be explored: you can buy wonderful Westcountry cheeses online, find out all about truly stunning Wedding Cheese Cakes which will make your day that much more special, and catch up on all the latest news regarding Country Cheeses.


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